By Susan Cianciolo
Creative Direction by Kiva Motnyk 
Photography by Wallace Lester 
In Partnership with Thompson Street Studio
Published by Nieves Books
on occasion of the RUN HOME Collection
at Ralph Pucci in New York City
opening December 2nd

32 Pages, 19.5 x 25.5 cm, Color Offset
First Edition, 2014

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Susan Cianciolo (New York, USA)

Among twelve RUN collections from 1995 to 2001, Susan Cianciolo previously showed a home collection as RUN 11 in autumn 2000. Yukata inspired kimonos and pillows, big cushions and quilt fabrics, items for living shown during the New York and Paris collections. 

Kiva Motnyk, who used to assist Susan at the time, is the founder of Thompson Street Studio, together they reignite the RUN HOME collection. Thompson Street Studio designs and crafts objects and interiors with a focus on experimental textiles. It explore connections between art, industry and nature. Kiva says: “I met Susan through mutual frinends in the late 90s and worked with her until 2002 when she closed the RUN collection. I focused on developing textile design, hand painting, silkscreening and weaving for RUN home and apparel. Working with Susan was a wonderful experience for me and her work was a magical influence on my career. We became close friends and continued to collaborate on projects together. These collaborations made us push our ideas further. We wanted to focus on a collection together and the timing was right to start it last year. I established the textile/home studio Thompson Street Studio and things fell into place quickly. We also wanted to work with other artists to create a community of people who have similar interests. At Thompson Street Studio we have been focusing on weaving, silkscreening and knitting for this particular collection. I enjoy creating fabric by hand. Often Susan and I will pass a piece back and forth to work on.”

In Susan Cianciolo's own words: “For a long time, I have always used recycled fabrics for making clothes. My policy is that already existing things are beautiful. I will have the same policy for my home collection. The collection includes kimonos, quilts, cushions, tapestries and furniture and more. There is a saying, ’the home is where the heart is.’ I finally understand what it means. Recently my home is my studio as I am looking after my child. It means living, art, meeting with people, gatherings, eating, get all together. That gives me the inspirations for living, balancing and decorative art. It leads to that now I am introducing the RUN collection again.”

Text by Nakako Hayash