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Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk have partnered on Run Home, annual traveling exhibitions and instillations that allow ideas of the contemporary home to be challenged. Run Home collection was created to explore process and collaboration, inviting artists and artisans to contribute in creating parts of the collection, as well as traveling for workshops, mentoring and building creative support. This refreshing approach to collaborative design reflects the ever-evolving spaces we live in, allowing change and growth to be effortlessly integrated into our lives.

Nadia Yaron
Jessica Ogden
Jasiu Krajewski
Susan Cianciolo
Julio Espada
Coulter Fussell
Jennifer Parry Dodge
Robin Mollicone
Zoe Latta
Shin Okuda
Cara Marie Piazza
Samantha Verrone
Jung Kim
Wallace Lester