THOMPSON STREET STUDIO designs and crafts objects for the home with a focus on experimental textiles. We explore connections between art, industry and nature; finding joy in the serendipitous, looping process of discovery, conception and making. 

Kiva Motnyk founded Thompson Street Studio in 2014, inspired by her family home, a space that served as a communal dance, painting and photography studio in SoHo since 1976.  Kiva has continued this creative environment, cross-pollinated by a new generation of artists, designers, and artisans realizing an inspiring vision of home. 

Kiva Motnyk is a textile designer with fifteen years of experience establishing creative direction for brands in fashion and home furnishings. Her sensibility is rooted in a love of color, texture and pattern, expressed through a modern application of traditional techniques

Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk have partnered to create Run Home
Collection, a line of handmade housewares. Selected artists and artisans around the world are collectively producing a body of work that functions in the home. Susan Cianciolo is a multimedia artist, working in fashion design, painting, filmmaking and performance for over twenty years in New York. Her lines Run and Susan Cianciolo marry the worlds of art and garment.

Nadia Yaron
Jessica Ogden
Jasiu Krajewski
Susan Cianciolo
Julio Espada
Coulter Fussell
Jennifer Parry Dodge
Robin Mollicone
Zoe Latta
Jung Kim

Wallace Lester

Water Valley Mississippi

Coulter Fussell, Susan Cianciolo and Kiva Motnyk of Thompson Street Studio have partnered to establish YaloRun, a creative space and textile supply store in Water Valley, Mississippi. 

YaloRun hosts weekend and week-long workshops taught by local and guest artisans. The store offers sewing, quilting and tool supplies for textile development.  We offer a piecework exchange of materials to nourish re-use and encourage collaboration. 

YaloRun is part of broader grassroots movement; reinvigorating craft in America, maintaining our traditional community centered on making, and supporting development of the arts.

Learn more about YaloRun workshops on our website.

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